I bought the Pentax about a year ago from a camera dealer in Tyab. Basically the coolest person I’ve ever met. This man has studied every camera that has ever been and he’s written books to prove it. He rents a space in the old Tyab Packing Shed where he sells rows upon rows of vintage cameras, boxes of old lenses along with all the original accessories. Something you have to check out if you’re into film photography.

Last summer I took it up the coast and produced a roll that to me, was awesome, but not necessarily technically accurate by any means. I don’t think the camera is completely sealed as the light is getting in all over the place. But hey, I like the surprise. Thrills.

These photos were taken in one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people. Not evening being overly nice about it. We took a cooker down to a secluded beach and swam in the rock pools, got smashed by death waves, took photos of it, then cooked up some sausages.

I borrowed a roll of film from my friend Brooke so I have no idea what this was shot on. I’d almost bet a sandwich on it being Kodak Ultramax 400 but I’m not that risky.

This is the entire roll of 24 in natural order.