Thanks for volunteering yourself to be apart of this photoshoot. It’s so nice to get together with other creatives and share what we’re really passionate about. If you want to get involved please fill out the form below and read the terms and conditions. If you have additional availability by all means write it down in the comments section. The date will be decided on when the majority are available but if this one goes well I will definitely organise another one. Our main goal is to share each others work and spread the good feels! Jordy xx

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All your time and product used on the day are free in exchange for the photos. These images are allowed to be used however you would like without restriction. However, when sharing on social media you must credit all vendors involved in production. Hair, Makeup, Clothing, Photography, Model ect. No exceptions. We agree to work together to achieve a common theme and let each person take charge of their own creative department. The photos will be provided to you within two weeks and available to digitally download via an online gallery. Please type your full name below as signature of agreement.